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Processor Film  FUJIFILM FP150 SC for C41 Film

Processing type C41 Couleur
Chemistry CN-16SER
Development Time (min)
11 minutes
Processing Speed (mm/min)
343.69 mm/min
Hour Capacity
14 Films 135 (110) 24 Exposures
Type of Films
135, 110, IX240
Lead Number
Racks Number
7 in Total (1 Developer, 1 Bleaching, 2 Fix, 3 Stab)
Tanks Capacity (Liter) Developer: 2.9L   Bleaching: 1.6L   Fix: 1.5L   Stab: 1.23
Leader Capacity
One Leader
Voltage Range AC 220-230V 1.9 kVA (9 A)
Product Size in mm
(Lenght x Depth x Height)
534‎ x 892 x 1200 mm
Weight of the Product (Kg)
134 kg
Condition of the Product
Warranty 3 Months

All our products are reburfished and warranties for pieces and working-force.

Tous nos produits reconditionnées sont garanties pièces et main d’œuvre.

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