Dev.a automatic Film Developing machine

Technical Features:
Dev.a is a fully automatic, fully customizable, rotary film development machine.

Supports all commonly available film formats, from 35mm to 8x10.
Supports all common photographic processes (Black and white, C41, E6, etc.).
Processing temperature can be automatically controlled using a tempered water
Up to 6 different chemicals can be used in a process.
Up to 100 custom processes with 30 steps each can be stored on the machine.
Each process can have up to 30 different steps.
Repeatable and predictable results.
All processes are user-defined, no built-in process is provided to allow the user to
completely customize the machine's behavior.
Machine can be connected to a pressurized water source for automatic water
A large 7" touch display is used to interact with the machine.
Chemicals can be discarded or recovered after processing, depending on user
Automatic cleaning process.
Processes and settings can be exported and imported to a USB drive.
Compatible with Paterson, AP and Jobo 1500 series reels for 35mm and 120 film.
Custom reels for large formats (4x5, 5x7 and 8x10).
The display backlight and the power LED can be switched off if total darkness is

4,550 €


  • Small Tank 500 ml (2x35mm - 1 x120 mm) +250 €
  • Medium Tank 700 ml (4x35mm - 2x120mm) +270 €
  • Large Tank 1000ml (6x35mm - 3x120mm) +295 €
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